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 KITCO: Defining & Implementing Organisation Specific IT Strategy

A right IT strategy plays an important role in meeting the goals of any organzation. The IT Consultancy Division of KITCO  helps to define and implement that exact strategy and align them with the vital components of the organizational ecosystem comprising stakeholders, employees, partners and customers. With nearly 40 years of successful lineage in technical consulting, KITCO’s industry acumen and world-class technology expertise is nothing less than a guarantee to success.

What KITCO offers

  • IT Strategy & Advisory Services
  • IT Policies and Procedures Management
  • IT Security & Risk Management
  • IT Innovation Management
  • Software/Technology Project Consulting
  • IT Staffing Solutions
  • Strategic Outsourcing Services

IT Strategy & Advisory Services

Maintaining highly paid technology leadership teams for IT related services on rolls throughout the year is generally ill-affordable to many organisations. For such organisations, KITCO can provide this ON-DEMAND Premium Technology Advice. KITCO works jointly with your organisation to identify and establish the right IT strategy that can yield quality business results. KITCO acts as an expert technology advisory council for clients like you for providing the advisory services on

  • Redefining business model in the technology way for organizations that are still in the snail-mail era where technology adoption can help the organization sustain, grow and excel in today’s challenging business environment.
  • Comprehensive due diligence procedures for clients wherein a number of critical success factors and failure conditions are identified to minimize the risk of failure and revenue loss by providing expert guidance on the viability of an idea, product or an organization that a client wants to engage with. 
  • Cost effective alternatives for IT technology for a given set of problems which will help clients understand where the chosen solution stand vis-à-vis its alternatives from an economic standpoint.
  • Choosing the optimum technology and the right vendor organizations to implement a technology solution for a given problem in a cost-effective manner and assisting clients in confirming whether the deliverables of IT vendor are in line with the contract requirements.

IT Policies and Procedures Management

In today’s world, no organization stays out of information technology; everyone uses it at different degrees. However there are a few entities who use it based on a defined set of policies and operating procedures. IT adoption in an organization is judicious and complete only when it is subjected to the right framework and KITCO helps its clients to define and establish this framework.

IT Security & Risk Management

KITCO can offer a number of niche services in the areas of IT Security Consulting, IT Audits, Penetration Testing and related areas. It can help organizations to establish & implement the right IT and Security policies and can also perform periodic and ad-hoc audits to make sure that the security organization within the business is as per the industries best practices.

IT Innovation Management

KITCO helps organizations to adopt innovative ideas and cost & process optimization technologies and models. A few of the speciality services are in the field of Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Mobile Platform Adoption, Open Source Technology, Web Commerce, Custom Software Development & Implementation, Technology Process Definition and Automation & Optimization. Adopting these services can result faster growth at the minimum capital spending, lower operating cost, maximizes the utilization of available resources etc.

Software/Technology Project Consulting

KITCO provides consulting and execution services in the area of Software Project Planning, Software Project Execution, Project Risk Management and Product Development Lifecycle Support. KITCO can handle any of the above areas completely or can work with the client’s in-house teams to ensure that above mentioned service areas are managed in the optimum way that can produce the desired results.

IT Staffing Solutions

KITCO offers state-of-the-art staffing solutions to a wide range of businesses and enterprises through KITCO Placement Park, Cochin. We work to qualify the staffing needs of organisations and undertake the selection process end-to-end or provide the technical experts who can be part of the selection teams.

Strategic Outsourcing Services

India offers a wide range of possibilities to many other developed nations in the field of technology with its skilled manpower and cost effective technology companies. KITCO can help organizations to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing technology projects to suitable partner organizations. KITCO will work with the organisations to help them understand the techno-commercial requirements and to help to zero-in on an outsourcing partner or to recruit the right technology team that best fits its needs technologically, economically and culturally.




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