KITCO has designed and executed the 110kV Air Insulated Digital Substation, the first of its kind in Asia which aims at catering the entire power demand of Technocity campus.  Total capacity of the Substation is 40 MVA with one number of 110/33kV, 25 MVA Power Transformer and one number of 110/11kV, 16 MVA Power Transformer. The substation equipped with special gears like Nitrogen Injection Fire Protection System (NIFPS) , Online Dissolved Gas Analyser (DGA) , Self-dehydrating breather, conservator tank with air cell technology, Polymeric insulators used in Current and potential transformers, Aluminium tubes in busbars , SCADA/ Digital merging unit systems are used for the accurate data acquisition, redundancy, control and protection of the system .

The most prominent feature of the Substation which gives it the tag ‘DIGITAL’ is the Merging Unit (MU) used in bay level that acquires AC current values or voltage values or signals from conventional equipment, converts these analog signals into digital values and transmits them using the IEC 61850 standard over fiber optic cables to the control room for SCADA.